Observision receives exclusive certification for its video analytics software

Xtract™ system in UK Government’s catalogue of approved security equipment
tkh_buttonHeteren, the Netherlands – July 20, 2009 – 
Observision BV, provider of the fastest Video Content Analysis system for Video Surveillance,
today officially announced that it has been granted an i-LIDS certification for its video analytics software
“Observision Xtract™ system 3.2” by the independent UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB)
as primary detection system for operational alerts as well as event based recording in sterile zone monitoring
applications. The certification implies a mention in the honourable UK Government’s catalogue of approved
electronic security equipment and is usable in- and outside the United Kingdom. 
Observision’s Xtract™ system 3.2 now belongs to a select group of video analytics technologies that has been approved by the
HOSDB for governmental use. Mark Bloemendaal, CEO and co-founder of Observision BV: "We are proud that we have received
the certification for our Xtract™ system. This emphasizes once again the distinctive power of the Observation’s proprietary technology.
No other video content analysis solution approaches the high ratios offered by the Observision Xtract™ system. Our performance guarantee
is now confirmed via the i-LIDS certification of the authoritative Home Office Scientific Development Branch in the United Kingdom." 
About the i-LIDS certification of the HOSDB
The HOSDB Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) is an image library used to test video analytic product performance against an
objective and professional benchmark. Experts at HOSDB conduct yearly testing of video analytics solutions from companies world-wide.
To date, a limited number of video analytics providers have received i-LIDS certification as "primary" detection systems for operational alerts in
sterile zone monitoring applications. The certification as "Primary System" indicates that a detection system can operate as a standalone
system, without the support of a secondary system, due to its superb detection capabilities. 
About Observision’s Video and Audio Analysis Technology
Observision, www.observision.com, utilizes a special video analysis approach. The novelty is that the video analysis function (or application) is
split. In regular video analysis systems a specific analysis function operates in a single pass. This implies that for each analysis function a
video-to-event application is active. Observision utilizes a different method: the video analysis is handled in a two-step fashion: 1. Perform a
complete object analysis on the video stream (real-time), 2, Execute (multiple) rule analysis on the results of (1). The result is a more concise
detection of visible objects plus increased capabilities and performance in handling multiple and also multi-camera rule analysis sets. The Observision
method is labelled as Video Object Analysis. Key is the intermediate generation of the Object Data. As first result this method is especially in the case
of complex, combined and/or multiple rule processing. The Object base method exploits the fact that all objects have been analyzed and stored which yields
that only the rule processing is instantiated multiple times. As a result of Observision Xtract™ system's capabilities, security operators can increase their
awareness of events of interest, while saving labour and significantly reducing the potential for human error. 

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