Belgian Made Video Analysis Revealed Marketable in Kuwait

A coast surveillance project successfully realized by ACIC

pic3Innovating spin-off of the research center Multitel, the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons and the Catholic university of Louvain, ACIC gets promoted after developing a panoramic surveillance software based on mobile cameras.

After a test-project successfully achieved in Kuwait (the surveillance of a highway stretch along a US army base), ACIC was asked to fulfill another challenge : watching a 10 kilometers coast running alongside to military base and oil refineries.

An alternative to the radar operating since June 2009

To offer a detection tool able to rival radar, working 24/7, the use of PAN-TILT (mobile) thermal camera was inevitable.  The individual sequences brought together in a panoramic picture are submitted to the program named MvPanoramaDetection.  As an intrusion is revealed  the software orders the camera to follow the intruder for a few seconds to allow its identification but no longer to avoid other potential intruders.  Therefore its scanning rhythm is especially based on sea transports velocity.  The precision of the system permits the identification of a zodiac 300 meters far from coast, or a boat far from several kilometers.  Successfully delivered on last June, the system is fully operational.  In conclusion, the MvPanoramaDetection represents a less expensive solution than radar, giving the security members the advantage of a visual identification.  Well done!

ACIC’s Kuwaiti project in figures…pic5

9 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide area, 3 oil refineries and 1 military base, 3% of worldwide oil production, 800 cameras of which 50 are mobiles, 15 cameras equipped with MvPanoramaDetection, 160 cameras equipped with MvActivityDetection, 19 servers in 7 places, 24/7 surveillance, detection from 300 meters to several kilometers pic4

Few competitors for that technology looking for partners

This was not the first experience for ACIC in Kuwait.  UNO had already chosen ACIC’s solutions to watch over their new building opened recently in Mishref.  With MvPanoramaDetection, ACIC definitely reaches a higher level in its expertise, meeting their major concurrent among Israeli and American companies.  More locally they keep developing and promoting their other software’s (MvPeopleCounting, MvActivityDetection, MvCameraAnomaly…) in Belgium and abroad.  As their solutions are adjustable on most existing surveillance systems, ACIC is constantly looking for partners, integrators and distributors to sell or install its highly technologic solutions.  Seeing how satisfied clients are lets think ACIC is ready to open to new horizons for coming years…

About ACIC

Created in 2003, ACIC’s team is made of engineers, computer scientists and Ph.D.’s in applied sciences specialized in the creation of video analytics systems.  A camera equipped with an  ACIC solution become an intelligent and powerful detector able to reveal suspicious-looking  presence, abandoned parcels, thefts (something missing in the image) or someone making wrong way.  Following a pre-defined procedure, the system can generate alarms or transmit data’s to the user, like it’s the case with MvPeopleCounting.

ACIC’s advantage: a young and capable team, with great skills of adaptability and creativity helping them to create video analysis software for very specific destinations and use.

Through MvPanoramaDetection, the whole work of ACIC has recently been rewarded by Agoria’s Bravo L’Industrie Award.



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