Future or reality?

mazda-kaan-e1-future-carImagine this,

you are watching a tv show or a movie for example. In the movie a real nice car is presented to you. How nice would it be then if you virtually could click on it to get all the details? How nice would it be then if you automatically would be forwarded to the manufacturers website or even better,… Imagine you are watching the show on your mobile device. Let’s say you iPhone for example 😉 You see the car, you click on the screen at the car’s position and the software directly will show you the nearrest dealer based on your build in GPS coordinates,… open up your also installed navigation software and guide you there,….

vca-for-videoImagine that the show is about fashion. You just click on the dress or suite you want to be informed of and you will get an up to date overview presented with the prices and stores near you (based on the build in GPS).

Video Content Analysis is still under development. Companies like Intel are working together with the movie industry to develop the above mentioned Video Content Analysis techniques. Within a few years these techniques are no future anymore! Within a few years it is possible for us to explore our movie, Blue-Ray, TV show or any type of video based content just via a simple click.

It is not about what video brings you, it is about the experience it brings!

Kind regards,



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