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multitoolkitI guess we all know them,

Small handy tools in the shops known by the name MultiTools.

A lot of people make use of these multitools. On vacation, in their car, at their bycicle, just name it and we have one with us. And why? Because the’re handy and a lot cheeper than all the equipped tools if you had to buy them seperate.

Driven by today’s economy, we see that more and more things are combined and intergrated. The total cost of ownership and also the return on investment where never as important as if they are today!

The security business is based on handling for about a false alarm rate of 96%. This means that all investments are based on that number.  The number of(security) employees, the number of for example alarm receivers but also the price per contract are based on a false alarm rate of 96%! Strange isn’t it?

And what about the systems we make use of? We make use of a fire detection (and also alarming) system, an intrusion detection system, acces systems etc etc etc. If we where able to combine these kinds of techniques, if we could offer a solution where we just need one wire (or wireless), if we only needed to install just one unit, one unit with one maintenance contract on it, one installation fee. Wouldn’t that be cool? It would reduce our total cost of ownership, it would give us a very good return on investment…

This blog is written down with a vision.This vision is about one Multitool CCTV system which is able to take care of our whole security concept. One camera which could take care of intrusion detection, firedetection, acces etc… We believe that with the todays techniques on the market, the CCTV Multitool would be possible! The only thing we need is to take care of intergrating the various types of solutions and the software who can do it for us…

CCTV combined with Video Content Analysis is the future not only for the security branche but also for a lot of other segments. In this blog we will discuss these video content analysis solutions at the edge 😉

Enjoy reading it…



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