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Older and older...CCTV/IVA driven technical/commercial concept developer. Within the ‘security’ branche the need for safety was never as high as today. The people in the world accepted the awarness of CCTV solutions for their safety. Development of Intelligent Video Analysis is speeding up and the difference between Advanced Video Motion Detection (AVMD) and Intelligent Video Analysis become more and more visable.

Within my todays experience I am specialised in developing CCTV/IVA related concepts within various markets. As an example I am familiair with thermal solutions for defence but also in the industry etc.

Sales experience since 1986, Marketing experience since 1996. CCTV/IVA experience since 2003. The ability to combine technical skills in a perfect match with sales/marketing skills. Out of the box, customer satisfaction, entrepreneur, product markt combinations and ‘best of class ambition’ are some keywords which describes me. Strategy, winners mentality and not familiar with the word No or Not possible 😉

I am familliar with lot’s of different market types and cultures. I know how to handle in Asia for example and I am even able to do business in France and Germany. Does this sounds simple to you? Just try it and see what I mean…

“Faillure is not an option!” as said by Donald Trump


Intelligent Video Analysis,
Concept Marketing/Sales,
Program manager,
Strong focus and result driven.

Sales, Marketing, IVA/CCTV, Purchase, International Business, (Re-)Branding, Organisation Structures, DTP, Designing

Brands/Market environments:
Chemistry, IT, ICT, Safety & Security (fire and security)

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