Which will be the best?

winner-themeA lot of customers, but also manufacturers ask me “Within your expertise, which brand is the best?”

The first time this question was asked to me I thought, “Cool… I never looked at it this way”

In my opinioun there is no best brand or let’s say a winner. As discussed in my other article, we need to deliver solutions which fit the markets (customers) needs. Of course a specific brand could better fit these needs then an other brand but still that doesn’t mean that it is the best brand.

Video Content Analysis based systems are mostly developped within a specific market segment. Face recognition, traffic control or for example smoke detection are very different types of situations and because of that, these systems needs to be filled out with specially for these situations developped solutions.

You can imagine that for me it is not possible to answer the question. It is a pitty to see that most of the people are dissapointed by that. In their opinion, I as an expert have to answer it. If I can’t answer it,… what does it mean then?

The fact that answering this question isn’t possible at this moment just shows us how broad the term VCA or IVA is used.  Splitting up the market into various segments would make the question more simple to answer but also then I am convinced by the fact that there are no really bad brands but that it just depends on the combination of the right brand used in the right situation.

As I mentioned before,… we have to take care of managing the customers level of expectation.

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Dissapointed? The level of expectation.


everytime if I talk about Video Content Analysis most people try to convince me by the fact that it wont’t work! VCA will result in a desinvestment. It will not do what is prommised…

Ever heard about the level of expectation? When the CD was introduced by Philips & Sony, the people expectation level was that the content stored at a CD was of a high level and that it didn’t had any expire date. Burning backup’s on a CD was the future. Just a few years after the first introduction people where confrontated with the weakness of the CD. If there was a scratch on the disc, sometimes it didn’t work anymore. Worse, after a few years some disks had CD rot which made them useless… If the CD was filled with very worthfull pictures of your little child…. or if it was filled out with beautifull memories of your mam or dad you can imagine how you would feel about that! First the CD was the fututre but just a few experiences later you where aware of the fact that you had to handle it with care.

Within VCA we see the same level of expectation. When VCA was introduced, we thought that this was it! With VCA we could do everyting. We even could do much more with less people etc. But what about rain, snow, clouds, spiders and so on?

To make use of VCA we have to aware of the fact that it is a great solution if we make use of it in the right environment. In the automotive industry we see VCA in a car filled out with lane assist. The camera in the car screens the road in front of you and keeps you driving just between the lines. Also the speed control zones where your speed is messuered over a long distance is filled out with LPR (License plate recognition) systems so the ticked can (and will) be send over to you.

There are lot’s of usefull situations which we can fill out with VCA. The only thing we have to do today is managing the level of expectation in the right way. As we wrote down in our vision,… VCA will be the future.

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