ioimage video analytics protects Kutztown’s water storage tanks

intelligent IP cameras provide instant visual verification of threats to critical infrastructure

ioi_logoDenton, TX July 14th, 2009 – ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity, announced today that its products have been installed to protect the water storage tanks of the borough of Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The two massive tanks, located at separate remote sites, hold up to one million gallons and serve 15,000 residents. The existing surveillance system was upgraded after a group of individuals climbed one of the tanks – a prank which cost the municipality $9,000 and forced a 48-hour shutdown in order to inspect the premises and ensure the water supply was not compromised.

Both tanks have been equipped with ioimage wide dynamic range IP cameras with built-in self-sustained video analytics to monitor the top hatches and service maintenance ladders, areas most vulnerable to sabotage. Surveillance staff at the monitoring center is instantly alerted to unauthorized vehicles and persons entering the premises, loiterers and accidental security breaches such as an employee neglecting to lock a gate. Notifications are also sent to their blackberries and via email.

The project – which was partially funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development – has been a great success, according to Frank Caruso, IT Director for the Borough of Kutztown. “Our previous surveillance system was unreliable and prone to false alarms,” said Caruso. “We had to search through reams of video to find what triggered an alert, which could have been anything from a deer to one of our own maintenance vehicles. We need instant visual verification to know that an alert is authentic, and the ioimage solution does just that. Now we are aware of who is on the premises at any one time and can effectively monitor the vicinity.”

Set-up was easy and the system has quickly proven itself, according to Dennis Cichelli, Director of LANtek Inc., who installed the system. “All we had to do was some preliminary work to set fields of depth, while false alarms caused by small animals, birds and moving branches have been virtually eliminated,” said Cichelli. “We have found ioimage to be the best video analytics solution on the market today.”

“ioimage is pleased to have provided the Borough of Kutztown with a proactive, intelligent video solution which enables them to immediately detect and assess a security breach,” said John Whiteman, ioimage president, Americas. “This installation illustrates how video analytics is highly effective in protecting critical infrastructure such as water storage tanks.”


MATE – Intelligent Video Announces Version 4.0 – a New Generation of Video Analytics. 4.0 includes significant enhancements and changes to MATE’s product line.

Yehud, Israel (February 3, 2009)
mateTopBannerMATE-Intelligent Video, the technology leader in intelligent video analytics released today version 4.0 which incorporates significant technological improvements, new features, enhanced capabilities and introduces new products.
“This is the most considerable release for MATE with both technological and creative advancements in video analytics” says Dan Raudnitz – Vice President of R&D at MATE – Intelligent Video.
MATE’s new intelligent video encoder, TriggerNG (Next Generation), is a revolutionary transmission device with 4CIF/CIF resolution and MJPEG/MPEG4 video streaming. It supports eight different video analytics detection features, object classification and an analog output with video analytics overlay on the video. The encoder differentiates itself with a robust and rich feature mix video analytics platform available at an extremely competitive price.
In version 4.0, MATE unveils Rule Dependency, a feature allowing users to combine multiple detection rules in a logical way and custom naming of alarms greatly enhancing end user’s control. Additionally, MATE increased its channel capacity offering systems capable to analyze up to twelve analog or IP channels on a single server.
Following its open architecture principle, MATE continues to support previously integrated platforms and adds new technology partners.  Version 4.0 is fully integrated with American Dynamics®  VideoEdge®, Hirsch Velocity, IQeye 753 series and DVTel 5.3 providing an excellent system compatibility with cutting-edge video analytics for a pro-active video surveillance.
“With this new release we confirm our place as a leading provider of video analytics technology. We continue to design products that work, that are intuitive and bring value to customers.” says John Szczygiel President of MATE Intelligent Video.

New technology provides breakthrough in cross-border intelligence gathering & evidence management

Thursday 9 July 2009
scyron-mike-wilks-01Scyron’s new DEMON manager enterprise overcomes issue of sharing large digital files such as video for instant online intelligence gathering between law enforcement agencies for the first time.

Scyron, the security and surveillance services company has launched today its DEMON enterprise system to address the problem of sharing and managing intelligence between law enforcement services nationally and internationally. It provides a breakthrough with the electronic sharing and management of information across borders using ‘metadata’ that minimises bandwidth and storage. Available immediately, the DEMON manager enterprise system has been created with a Microsoft framework and meets internationally-recognised evidence and intelligence management standards.
Since 9/11, the effectiveness of traditional intelligence and evidence management confined largely to regional or national law enforcement services, has been questioned. Following the success of Scyron’s DEMON manager workgroup (departmental intelligent evidence management system) in 2008, DEMON manager enterprise extends collaboration from within one law enforcement department to multiple departments for the first time – from volume crime through to dynamic intelligence gathering between international organisations. This is achieved using Scyron’s proprietary metadata to categorise and manage the specific incidents – from video and CCTV to mobile phone footage.

For example, DEMON manager enterprise would allow an Indian law enforcement agency to search for and find a video of a terrorism suspect logged with a law enforcement agency in London within seconds. Instead of searching the video, the officer searches the metadata which contains stills of images from the video together with text classifying its contents. On finding the information on the suspect, the full video can be transmitted. Alternatively, the officers in India may even schedule a download time so as not to consume bandwidth resources and inconvenience other officers using the network.
As metadata uses only 0.1% of the bandwidth of actual evidence such as large video files, DEMON manager enterprise provides a rapid means of narrowing down potential evidence. Previously collaboration between different organisations has been limited, as the only option was to download all potential evidence. DEMON manager enterprise opens up a new line of intelligence for far greater collaboration between different organisations as well as an electronic audit trail during major investigations.

Michael Wilks, CEO of Scyron commented, “DEMON manager enterprise is the direct result of two man years of R&D in collaboration with Microsoft and our international customers. The result is a solution for rapid, cross-border intelligence and evidence gathering for the first time. Wilks added, “Mirroring the shift of emphasis from information held mainly within pockets of single law enforcement services, DEMON manager enterprise supports the focus on sharing information across multiple organisations, disciplines and continents, that leads to powerful clusters of expertise and intelligence.”

Also, DEMON manager enterprise has an ‘expert-system’ feature to overcome the issue of sharing over 6,000 different video formats that can slow down an investigation. For example, the system can learn a proprietary video format or to recognise a particular video player and add this information to its common database. The next time the system comes across that file format, it is configured automatically to play the file which saves time.

DEMON creates a digital bit-for-bit copy of the video evidence, ensuring compliance with evidence laws in the UK and overseas. Also, the software provides a secure and tamper-proof audit trail of evidence to comply with: the Data Protection Act; ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers); and MoPI (Management of Police Information) guidelines. Also, it can be configured for country-specific information management standards and rules.
Scyron developed the DEMON manager enterprise system using the Microsoft .NET framework including a SQL server database as a common standard on which to rapidly search, categorise and track multiple types of evidence.

Tim Bloechl, managing director, Public Safety and National Security at Microsoft commented, “Scyron has helped set the standard for global intelligence gathering and evidence management with DEMON manager enterprise edition. We believe DEMON will advance the way major international investigations are handled and make a significant contribution to improving safety and security.”

The DEMON manager enterprise system comprises a number of software modules that work independently as well as together to make the extraction, analysis, preparation and presentation of digital intelligence simple, easy-to-use, rapid and cost effective.  It is encrypted securely over a Wide Area Network or the Internet.

Currently, existing DEMON manager evidence management systems are in use with law enforcement services in the US, the Netherlands and the UK including the following police services: Derbyshire; Greater Manchester; Northumbria; Humberside; Warwickshire; West Mercia; and West Midlands which helped in its development.  Other Scyron software is in use in every UK police service.

Dissapointed? The level of expectation.


everytime if I talk about Video Content Analysis most people try to convince me by the fact that it wont’t work! VCA will result in a desinvestment. It will not do what is prommised…

Ever heard about the level of expectation? When the CD was introduced by Philips & Sony, the people expectation level was that the content stored at a CD was of a high level and that it didn’t had any expire date. Burning backup’s on a CD was the future. Just a few years after the first introduction people where confrontated with the weakness of the CD. If there was a scratch on the disc, sometimes it didn’t work anymore. Worse, after a few years some disks had CD rot which made them useless… If the CD was filled with very worthfull pictures of your little child…. or if it was filled out with beautifull memories of your mam or dad you can imagine how you would feel about that! First the CD was the fututre but just a few experiences later you where aware of the fact that you had to handle it with care.

Within VCA we see the same level of expectation. When VCA was introduced, we thought that this was it! With VCA we could do everyting. We even could do much more with less people etc. But what about rain, snow, clouds, spiders and so on?

To make use of VCA we have to aware of the fact that it is a great solution if we make use of it in the right environment. In the automotive industry we see VCA in a car filled out with lane assist. The camera in the car screens the road in front of you and keeps you driving just between the lines. Also the speed control zones where your speed is messuered over a long distance is filled out with LPR (License plate recognition) systems so the ticked can (and will) be send over to you.

There are lot’s of usefull situations which we can fill out with VCA. The only thing we have to do today is managing the level of expectation in the right way. As we wrote down in our vision,… VCA will be the future.

Kind regards,