Want the best VCA there is? Connect the CCTV system to our brain!

brain-wiredToday a human being is filled out with the best in the world availliable VCA system. Our eyes see pritty good during day and night times and our brains will take care of a mostly perfect content analysis! The system works so good that rain, snow, leaves, flags, spotlights (dark/light), animals, crowling people etc et etc, is perfectly detected or filtered out!

Let’s be honest to eachother, Isn’t it true that we do not mention that leaves are moving when it is windy? Isn’t it true that we perfectly see the difference between a dog or a human beiing who behaves like a dog? Our human brain is developped to recognize these kind of situations. It is prepared to take care of dangerous situations and helps us to react as fast as we can on it. We know how smoke looks like and we know that we have to take care of it.

Imagine that we could connect our today’s CCTV systems on a human brain. We then would have simply the best VCA system there is in relation to the today’s on the market availiable Day/Night CCTV systems. In Lausanne (Swiss) the Blue Brain project is located. This project is based on a human brain replica. Within 10 years, the project leader expects that the replica brain is ready and will function. Nowadays to represent the total human brain, we need a capacity of 12 football fields filled out with super computers and a huge amount of power…

Funny isn’t it that the best VCA system is as big as a football and only needs a sandwich with peanut butter 😉